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Ain't No Part Time


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iLL DiLL comes strong and direct with his project “Ain’t No Part Time Legends” -- an 8-track release full of high-energy and awe-inspiring flows blended together with a majestically poised delivery.  The project is executive produced, mixed and engineering by Delaware-native DJ Icee (Tour DJ and Engineer for Sylvan LaCue) and has a star-studded roster of collaborators, including Philly star Shawn Smith (2018 BET Cypher), Jersey boom-bap general Ren Thomas (VH1's "Signed" Season 1), Tri-State wave-maker Kev Rodgers (produced for Jaden Smith, Mir Fontane) and more.  

Throughout the album, listeners are introduced to different sides of Dill; the smooth show-off and the prolific poet.  In both moments of confidence and feelings of inadequacy, it’s important to be self-aware and channel your energy for progressive action.  Songs like “9pm in Avondale” are infused with raw emotion and humanizing hardships, while “Prolly Not” and “100 Hours” are action-packed ego trips.  In the intro track “The Potion,” Dill raps, “I’ma be the man they want to be, the one who got a nominee for knowing how to keep up with tha villain while I’m showing humility” – a line that references the second half of his stage name and frequently mentioned alter-ego “tha villain” and how he balances cockiness and levelheadedness.  

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